Monday, December 19, 2011

Marzano Vocabulary (Word of the Day)

Each day I use Marzano's Six-Step vocabulary teaching process to increase the"juicy" words my students use in their writing and conversation. We do Word of the Day at the beginning of Writing class as a transitional activity. Students copy the words and definitions into their Writing Resources. Then, they write their own sentences. When the writing time is up, we discuss the words and questions whole group.

Here a screenshot of the flipchart I use for word of the day:

Here's what their vocab pages look like:

Download my Unit 5 Flip Chart here!

After we discuss the words, we do "Word of the Day Theatre" Before and after we act, we complete the following call and response in an English accent:

Teacher: It is now time....
Students: (pinkies out) For Word of the Day Theatre.

(Students stand up when they have thought of a way that we can act the words out. I choose one student to tell us what to do for each word.)

After acting:
Teacher: This has been...
Students: Word of the Day Theatre.

Here's the file for the pages my students record their words on.

They LOVE word of the day. It helps them learn new vocabulary for reading, AND I display the words on my Juicy Words bulletin board to be used in writing as well. Hooray for repeated vocab exposure!

Here's the file for the word wall documents. The ABC pages are for my Math/Science/Social Studies Word Wall. I had them printed BIG- like 3' x 4' size for $16 total at Fed Ex Kinkos.

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