Monday, January 16, 2012

Maximizing Space in a Portable Classroom

Math Supply Organization
I teach in a portable classroom, so space is limited. I use this over-the-door shoe organizer to display my math manipulatives. The pockets make the supplies easy to access for the students. I got the fabric and mesh organizer from Wal Mart. Here's a link to a two pack of navy organizers that would match those blue pocket charts people have.

I bought mine for $9 each two years ago. I don't think Wal Mart sells this mesh-and-canvas one anymore.

Work Stations
Close Up of a Work Station
Also, during reading, my students use the laptops for Imagine Learning. I like to be able to see their screens at all times so I know they're on task. I don't have enough room for dasks for my laptops, so I pulled apart my low bookshelves to create four laptop stations. The students have just enough space to work and I can see that they're actually doing what they're suppose to.

The stations are up against the wall- students sit on two stacked Lowe's buckets to save space
I was SO excited to come up with this solution to the Imagine Learning mess!

Chair Solution
Another way that I save space is by using Lowe's buckets (around $2 apiece) instead of big, bulky chairs around my kidney table. When I had chairs at the table, the legs would always get caught up on each other and I could only fit five chairs at my table. Now I can have up to eight students working at my table with me AND the buckets slide neatly under the table when we're done. I sit on a $5 Wal Mart exercise ball because my teacher chair didn't have enough room to roll around. I'll post a pic on Monday.

Seating Arrangement Space-Saver
Finally, I try to use a seating arrangement that maximizes space and allows us to walk around the room without having to maneuver through rows of desks. I have 26 students and we've been enjoying the "forward E, backward E, line" arrangement. I'll post a pic on Monday.

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