Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Biography Newspaper Project!! I'm SO excited!

Two biography projects side by side! The biography, comic, and advice column articles were really fun writing lessons.

So, my students researched a famous person from black history this month. I was AMAZED at what a phenomenal job they did with this project! I started out by having students select a person to research at Then, they used my biography research guide to take notes (without plagiarizing!) They checked out additional books from the library to continue their research.

When they finished the ABC sheet, they had to write a biography about the person's life (using the back side of the research guide.) They typed these up to glue onto their Biography Times project. (I blew the papers up to the BIG size in the copy room- whatever size is like two standard pieces of paper.
Comic sequencing their person's important contribution!
Next, they had to make a sequencing graphic organizer in their writing notebooks (first, next, finally) to write about their person's most important accomplishment. They had to make a rough illustration for each box. Then they transferred their work onto the comic strip part of their newspaper projects.
On the final work day, they had to write an advice column where they wrote two letters: one from the perspective of someone needing advice from whoever they researched, and another from the person they studied giving advice! They were definitely working in the upper levels of bloom's taxonomy for this one! 
I am so PROUD of my students and this project! It really turned out amazing!!

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