Saturday, March 31, 2012

Animal Adaptations Brochures & Kagan Training

This week, my students finished up their spring poems for their Bare Books, so we will be starting our Animal Adaptations Brochures this upcoming week.

If you need some writing plans for a couple of weeks, join me in using this fun project-

First, print my ABC Research Guide. Have students choose an animal from THIS website to research. They should try to find a fact for every letter of the alphabet about their animal. This should take around 2-3 days.

Click the first picture to get the Habitats and Adaptations Brochure printable. There's even a built-in rubric on the back panel of the pamphlet!!

If you decide to use this, it would be kind of awesome if you would leave a comment with where you're from- I always wonder where my stuff is being used. :)

We are so excited to have received a grant at our school to send us to the Kagan training at the Walt Disney Hilton Resort in JULY!!! AHH! It's going to be sooo awesome- we get to stay there for five days and go to all of the awesome tourist attractions that Orlando has to offer.

Also, spouses can come, if they pay for their tickets and 1/2 of the room price!! I am SOOO excited- my husband and I got engaged at Disney World four years ago and now we are going back! AND I get to learn about keeping students engaged!!

Has anyone else gone to the Kagan Classroom Engagement professional development at Disney World?


  1. Just started Spring Break, but can't wait to use the adaptation brochure! Thanks!
    Bakersfield, CA

  2. I love the idea. I tried to download the ABC guide but it wasn't working. I had no trouble with the adaptation one. I'm not sure if it was me or something with the file. I usually don't have any trouble.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I fixed it! There was a problem with the file extension. Thanks for letting me know, Heather!

  3. HI Kayla! This activity looks great. Thanks for sharing.

    By the way.. I tagged you. Stop by to check it out.

    Have a great weekend!


  4. Hi Kayla!

    So glad I found your blog! And that you mentioned the Kagan training! That sounds amazing! It reminded me that I stumbled across their website a while ago and wanted to look into their workshops, but I never went back and did it! I don't know if I could do the one at Disney World, but they have some close to San Diego which I am thinking about going to! I'm excited to be a new follower of your blog!

    Lessons with Laughter

  5. Just found your brochure, it is perfect for the Life Science Unit we are trying to create and start teaching next week! I am a third grade teacher in New Jersey. Thanks for sharing - it looks awesome!

  6. Just found your brochure. We are going to make our school the ABCs of animal and plant adaptations and your brochure is a perfect guide to prep the kids! I will be back and thank you for sharing!


  7. I will be using this in Minnesota! Thank you.