Friday, March 2, 2012

An Exciting Announcement: My Stuff is Now FREE

Now FREE on TPT!

After reviewing my Teachers Pay Teachers transactions and realizing how much they skim off of the top of each transaction (at least FIFTY percent!!) I decided that I do not want to support a company that claims to be looking out for teachers but is not.

"Your purchases go to real teachers, not big corporations," is their slogan- but how can they say that when they take 70 cents when I sell an item that costs a dollar?!

So, here's the announcement... (drumroll, please...) ALL OF MY ITEMS ARE NOW FREE! Free for you, a real teacher, to enjoy without dipping into your pockets yet again.

I will not be burgled by TPT any more.

I will share my stuff for the sake of sharing instead of the thrill of making a few cents.

Because TPT steals from the shallow pockets of teachers- and that's just gross.

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