Sunday, March 4, 2012

Increasing Parent Involvement: Green Books! YAY!

Last week, I went to school with a single goal in mind:

To convince my principal to  increase parent involvement and communication... AND increase disciplinary consistency throughout my school:

"How?" you ask...

By proposing we switch to GREEN BOOKS! 
Here's a close-up of one day!

Instead of using planners next year, I went to my principal and explained why the entire school should use green books!! They have all of the same stuff that the planners have, BUT, we can also communicate behavior easily and in a language nearly everyone can understand: stoplights and smiley faces! :)

At the end of the day, students color in their stoplights if they're in green. If they get a yellow or red, you color it for them. In my class, students who get reds have a silent lunch and lose recess. The parents are asked to sign planners every night.

 The stoplights are a nice visual for parents who aren't literate n English or Spanish.

At the end of the month, the other school always had a celebration for the kids who got mostly greens- to reward the kids who have good behavior and work habits.

Before I graduated, I worked at another school in my district where the whole school used green books and everyone there LOVED it! I've been using planner sheets similar to these ones for most of this year, and it's working out great! My principal actually came from this same school, so she was totally into the idea, she just said that the other teachers needed to be on board. Well, I went around and asked the other teachers about it, and they said, almost unanimously, that they loved the idea.


Just imagine how awesome this kind of consistent behavior management system could be. AND green books teach responsibility and accountability.

I'm so EXCITED!!
    Here are the close ups of the different sections of the sheets. I'm still working on perfecting the document so that it meets every teacher's communication needs.

    There is a daily reading graph to record At-Home reading. This will be a great tool at conferences!

    Math Facts Graphs: Parents have to check and review fact fluency weekly.

    Students record the spelling words that they need to practice here.

    Another feature I LOVE for next year is that we're going to print the pages and have them stapled into a green FOLDER!! That way, throughout the school, teachers can send incomplete work in the front folder pocket and finished work in the back pocket! YAAY!

    Did I forget anything that would be important to communicate to parents? Do you have any suggestions for improvement? I'd LOVE input! Do any of you use a similar behavior management plan?

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