Saturday, March 17, 2012

MORE Sitton Spelling Flip Charts & WOTD Powerpoint

Yahoo! I can't believe I have 37 followers- how exciting. I thought I'd crank this post out before I hop on my plane to SanFran this afternoon!

As promised, I have posted the next four three Sitton Spelling flipcharts on Teachers Pay Teachers. (There's something wrong with my Unit 11...) I love these flip charts because they're SO interactive- students can sort words and edit passages right on the ActivBoard., they're cute.

... and they cut the prep time before teaching spelling down to zero.

These flipcharts are meant to be used in conjunction with the Sitton Spelling textbook- they will not make sense without it.

Here are the first four I posted.
Click for Unit 13

Click Here for Unit 12


Click Here for Unit 10
Also, A lady on TPT asked about a different file type for my StoryTown Word of the Day flip charts. It doesn't look *quite* as good in Powerpoint, but it will still be handy for using Marzano's vocabulary teaching process on a daily basis:
Click HERE to download it!


  1. Yay! I can't believe I found your awesome website. I am a 4th grade teacher in Florida. I would love a copy of your math problems of the day if you are still willing to give them out. Pretty Please? Thanks so much for the amazing resources.


  2. They're on my TPT store- or you can go to the labels section and click on math- the links are in one I those posts. I can post the actual links once I'm back from vacay! :-) I'm glad you can use my stuff!