Friday, March 9, 2012

StoryTown Grade 4 Vocabulary

Hi all!

While enjoying my day off after conferences, I just finished my Unit 6 Word of the Day flipchart for our StoryTown vocabulary!

If you're wondering about how my class does Word of the Day, CLICK HERE to read about it!

We LOVE word of the day in my classroom- and we love to find our words in the books we read! The great thing about the StoryTown vocabulary is that it is found in all of the leveled readers, and in the basal texts. I also encourage my students to use their words in their writing. We call them "Juicy Words" and we have a fruit bulletin board with all of the words. That's why there's a fruit theme to my Word of the Day FlipCharts. I *might* post a picture of this bulletin board... if I remember to take one.

Here are some pictures of the flipchart pages from each of the different lessons in Unit 6. We use Step Up to Writing in our district, so I add the parts of speech visuals from there. If you like what you see, you can download the whole Unit 6 FlipChart for free HERE!

Also, I haven't blogged about it yet- I'm still waiting on some copies- but here's a link to the file for the writing resource I use with my class- It's an interactive book with pages for word of the day and many other awesome writing lessons. I'll talk about how the book's set up on another day.


  1. Hi! Love your Word of the Day activities! This kind of format would be wonderful for my ELLs! I'm your newest follower!

    Confessions of a Fourth Grade Teacher

    1. :) Yes- it's great for ELLs! I have 13 in my class this year- so I've learned a lot about vocab instruction. Did you read my post about Word of the Day Theater? Acting out the words really helps them stick as well. We also play verb magician and a verb magician has to say the word with the different endings
      I verify that you're my new follower.
      He verifies that you are my new follower.
      Yesterday, I verified...

      And so on.

      I'm glad you like it!

  2. I love your flip charts and powerpoints for the Storytown vocabulary. I found the vocabulary for theme/unit 5 and 6 and was wondering if you had them for the other themes/units in Storytown? Thanks!

    1. Here is a zip file of the flipcharts- I don't know where Unit 2 went- but the rest of the units are here! I hope this helps!