Monday, April 9, 2012

First Grade Math FlipCharts!

I have started a big project making Promethean Board flipcharts for teachers to use to teach all math standards in every elementary grade level. I am finished with first and second grade! 

Today, I hope that you will help me promote my Math FlipCharts on Teacher's Notebook- all of my other items are FREE on TPT, but these projects have taken a hours and hours of time and thought to create- I really tried to make them EASY for low-tech teachers to use. I even made videos so you can see these awesome products before buying them! :) I'd appreciate if you'd send your first grade teaching friends my way.

 The first flipchart covers Geometry, Time, Graphing, and Money!

Activity pages included on this flipchart:
Plane and Solid Figure Attributes (Shape sorting on Venn Diagram)
Basic Geometric Patterns (Drag shapes into patterns for students to continue)
Tally Charts and Tables (Type questions in text boxes. Students write their tallies in the corresponding rows on the table)
Pictographs (Type a question, students drag pictures onto a graph.)
Bar Graphs (Type a question, students paint boxes on a bar graph.)
Value of Coins (Drag coins onto a piggy bank. Students write the amount on the lines)
Time to 30 Minutes (Students rotate the hands of the clock. They write the time on the line)
Matching Digital and Analog Clocks (Students drag digital clock cards onto the matching analog clock. If they're right, a sound plays)

The second file covers Number Sense and Computation. Here's a video outlining all of the pages.

Activity pages included on this flipchart:
Counting (abacus)
Number Lines (Number line hop game)
Identify Numbers Through 100 (Spin a number generator and have students name the number.)
Ordinal Numbers (Sorting Animals)
Word Names for Numbers (1-10- matching word cards to the numbers)
Counting by Fives and Tens (Hundreds Chart and Highlighter)
Basic Addition Facts (Roll two dice and write the equation)
Compare Numbers to 100 (Two random number generators and greater gators)

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