Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Book Club Literature Roles

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I'm excited to announce that I'll be moving back up to sixth grade next year! I need to begin thinking about a new blog name... Any suggestions are welcome!
Anyway, in honor of my big switch, I'd like to show off the book club  response assignment I had my sixth graders complete during my first year of teaching. This has evolved a bit as my teaching has evolved- I'm now rubric-obsessed, so I have added one to the back cover. Take a look!
Here are some pictures of the booklets I have my students complete for guided reading book clubs. There are four assignments included: discussion director, word wizard, star summarizer, and comic relief. There is a GRADING RUBRIC on the back page and there are spaces to write the jobs, grades, and books on the cover. Click the pictures to snag it!


  1. Very nice rubric! I just did a blog post on book clubs/literature circles myself. This is the perfect time of year to do them!

  2. Yes, it is! I'll head on over to see what you wrote. I just added another post about nonfiction book clubs. Check it out!