Sunday, May 20, 2012

NonFiction Book Club Project and SCHOOL'S OUT!

YAHOO!! School's out!! I start teaching summer school in two weeks, but, still. I'm exciteed. Here are some pictures of my end-of-the-year gifts for my students. Scholastic had The Lemonade War on sale for $0.95 and the PTA gave us a dollar per student to spend on final day festivities. I also bought lemonade packets and crazy straws from the Dollar Tree and taped them to the back cover. :)

On to next year!! As you may have read, I'm moving back up to sixth grade next year- and I'm SUPER excited. I loved teaching sixth. Anyway, I have been modifying some of my old projects from when I taught sixth before. Last week, I posted the Fiction Book Club booklet on TN for free. I have now posted the nonfiction one on Teacher's Notebook. Click to get it! :)

It looks kind of like the fiction one below, it just has different jobs.


  1. Oh LOVE your Lemonade War idea. I just ordered the books from Scholastic and this will be my first read aloud. This will be a great item for my welcome bags students find on their desk when they come to school (YIKES! AUGUST 13 for me).

    I teach 4th grade, but I switch with the 6th grade teacher and he does math while I teach the 6th graders English and spelling...there is something to said for their maturity as compared to the 4th graders.

    Have a great summer...


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