Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Reupholstered a Bench! Made-It Monday

Made-It #1:
EEEP! I brought my cool, new reupholstered church pew to my classroom yesterday and it looks SWEET! I have been OBSESSING about this idea all summer and I FINALLY got a free church pew on Craigslist LAST WEEK!!! It  looked like this:
A can of spray paint, a pack of foam padding, and two yards of fabric later, and VOILA!! I have SUCH a cute bench for my green, black, and white- themed classroom!
Don't YOU want to try it now?! SO fun!
It was super easy and all of the supplies cost me around $35- I usually don't spend that much on school stuff- but I was dying to try this. If you decide to try this, here's how to add the pad: 

1.Use one piece of fabric. Staple it to the back of the pew, then stuff the back padding up underneath the fabric. Put a couple of staples through the padding so it doesn't slide around
2. Stretch the fabric tight and staple it into the bottom back corner of the bench.
3. Stuff the seat padding under the fabric. Push it up tight against the back corner.
4. Tightly stretch the fabric over the padding and staple it under the bench!

Made-It #2
If I don't get started on my classroom pretty quickly in the summer, I start to have back-to-school nightmares. Every year, I have several horrible dreams about being unprepared on the first day of school. There are different variations of this dream- but the worst is when I wake up in my bed in the middle of my classroom at the beginning of the first day of school. My husband and  I are in our underwear and the students are staring open-mouthed at us before I wake up. SHUDDER.
So anyway, for my sanity, I got a LOT done yesterday in my classroom. I rearranged all of the furniture and put back the stuff I had to move in order to get my carpets cleaned..

I also worked on hot-gluing my white on black numbers to clothespins for my Wall of Fame. I only have one bulletin board in my portable classroom, so I screwed eyelet screws into the paneling and hung twine between them to make a place to hang students' work. Students have a number that they are assigned on day 1- they hang their coat on their numbered hook in the back and they hang their work on their numbered clothespin. This is DEFINITELY one of my favorite innovations for using space efficiently in a portable classroom.

(Print the big numbers two pages to a sheet to get small ones- like you do with PPT slides)

I also glued my White on Black Labels to my math manipulative baskets:
They look SO sharp! :)
AND to my homework tubs- these tubs are really nice for storing student work. I just slide the shelves out and put them on the table when work is due.

I also hung up my new, fancy signs:
And finally, here is a picture of my wrapping paper-covered bulletin board. It's such a cheap and cute way to spruce up an ugly old paneled portable classroom!

Thanks for stopping by to check out what I made this week! I'd love to hear about your terrifying back-to-school nightmares in the comments section!


  1. Wow! The bench came out fantastic! You did a great job! Love the black, white and green color scheme.
    - Michele

  2. Thanks, Michele! I'm making some matching bucket chairs this week, too! I can't wait to show you all!

  3. You did a great job repurposing that simple church pew into a wonderful-looking pew that would definitely match the classroom! From getting the church pew free to fitting the upholstering, it certainly seems like the good things just kept on piling on for you! So basically, all you had to shell out to get this awesome bench is $35! Looking at it now, it certainly doesn’t look like it!

    @Earnestine Kettering