Monday, July 23, 2012

Winners! & Made It- Monday

Yay! Here are the winners from my 100-follower giveaway!

$10 Gift Card: Bee I.
Book 1: Mindee W.
Book 2: Layla U.

Congratulations, ladies! And thanks to everyone who follows my blog and entered my giveaway!

 Now, it's time for some Made-It Monday Action! And I have been BUSY!

I really LOVE to write songs to help students memorize information:

Here's how I help students catch up on their times tables!

So the other day, I made up and recorded a song about Measures of Central Tendency! It's tricky for kids to memorize how to calculate these four averages, so I think this song will help next year!

I've also been working on revamping my classroom decor.

Our school colors are green, black, and white- so I bought some polka dot wrapping paper at Wal Mart to cover my bulletin board. My apologies for the bizarre angle- there are tables stacked all over my room because they cleaned the carpet today in my classroom!:
You get the picture.

And I've been designing my new stuff around that! I showed off my Ottoman reupholstery job the other week- my next Made-It Monday will feature my fancy church pew reupholstery job. (I got it for FREE today!!)

I've also been remaking my classroom labels:
Big numbers for calendar, small numbers for clothespins and coat hooks!,

TONS of white-on black math and reading labels

New calendar flip cards

I made over 40 white on black labels for my math manipulatives, reading bins, and more! Check out the pictures to see what I have! Click {here} to download them!

Longest. Post. EVER!

Have a happy week!

P.S.- Here's your reward for sticking with me through this whole post: I'm giving this set away FREE to one person on Teacher's Notebook! Click to win!


  1. I won?! Yay!! I can't wait to spend more money at Target :) Thanks, Kayla! Also, your labels are super cute!

  2. Yes! You WON!! I sent you an E gift card! It should be in your inbox in a couple of hours! Then you can just use it on your phone at Target! You can even use it today!! :) Congrats!