Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DIY Caddies!! I'm in LOVE!

 Hi all- I just wanted to do a quick post to tell you about my desk caddies for my cooperative learning groups! They turned out SO wonderfully!! I'm just dying to show EVERYONE!!
There will a WHOLE nice, juicy pack of markers in pocket three- soon!

Here's my kinda-boring-but-informational-how-to-vid!!

Here are the listed directions if you're interested:
24 Pocket Shoe Rack
Non-Satin Ribbon (Or Fancy Duct Tape!)
Sewing Machine ( Or no sewing machine if you're using tape!)

Steps for Ribbon Version:
1. Cut your Organizer apart into ROWS. You should have six separate organizers when you complete this step. Cut right along the bottom seam thingy below each row of pockets.
2.  Cut your ribbon a little longer than the length of your caddy so that you have an extra inch on each side.
4. Fold your ribbon in half hot dog style and iron in a seam. Fold over your rough edge of your caddy and iron a seam into it as well.
5. Pin the ribbon onto the caddy.
6. Zip your caddy through the sewing machine.
7. If the bottom of your caddy is fraying, slap a coat of clear nail polish on it.

If you do it with duct tape, I'm sure it will be MUCH easier. If you try it that way, please let me know, and I'll put a link to your blog here.

ALSO, Make sure you head over to 6th Grade All Stars for her 100 Follower Giveaway! It's got LOTS of awesome stuff!

UPDATE: I used sticky velcro to attach this to desks. Don't do this unless you want to become frustrated from messing with these all year. I plan on making new caddies this year and will post about it soon! 


  1. Very clever...thanks for the tip!

    Go check out my 100 follower giveaway and enter to win!

    Mrs. Crouse :)

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