Saturday, April 27, 2013

My Daughter's Outdoor Classroom!

This weekend, we're working on turning our backyard into an outdoor classroom of sorts. My daughter's birthday is next weekend and my mother in law, mom, and I decided to chip in on this precious playhouse:

Sometimes, one purchase can catapault me into a whole slew of other projects. This is one of those times. I have been OBSESSING about how I can make our backyard more awesome and enjoyable for the warmer seasons.

First, I became obsessed with making an outdoor chalkboard. It happened:
Photo: Last one! We had fun today! :-)
I saw a pin from the Green Garden Blog that inspired me to build this. It was super easy and the effort has definitely paid off. My daughter loves this thing- especially telling mama what to draw and then scribbling over it.

I looked up a recipe for exterior chalkboard paint, because pre-made, that stuff costs an arm and a leg! I already had black exterior paint- so I just needed the plywood and grout to make it happen. I like the frame on this chalkboard, but I wonder if the ridges will make it less weather-proof.

Next, I found the idea of a music wall on pinterest. I was inspired by this wall over at Creatively Blooming.
Photo: Music wall! :-)
I went to a few thrift shops and found some junk to hang up. I also ordered the tambourine, triangle, and xylophone from Amazon. I drilled holes into the bowls and pan (which was SUPER fun!) and I just hung everything on hooks- I thought I'd need tons of different hardware to mount it all- but drilling the holes was the perfect solution. This was seriously SO easy. Easier than the chalkboard.

I also bought an adorable tree face kit at Garden Ridge for $5.99. The same brand is $14 on Amazon.

My next project will be to turn my girl's playhouse area into a veggie garden. I'll be using this plan from Better Homes and Gardens:

I also have a friend who is bringing me some FREE tree cookies for a loose materials station. These are tree cookies:

ANNNDD my last plan is to build my own phytopod garden like the guy in this youtube video:

These are Phytopods- $90 online- I think it'll cost me around six dollars to make. 

I already got the coffee bag and some chicken wire for FREE- I just need to get some PVC pipes to make the watering system. It should be pretty awesome! Stay tuned for updates!
If you'd like to check out my pin board with more inspiring ideas, click here!

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