Sunday, August 4, 2013

August Currently and Wrapping Paper Curtains!

I'm linking up with Oh Boy Fourth Grade for her August Currently Linky Party!

 Listening: My daughter's two and I LOVE it when she starts singing on her own. I think it's the sweetest sound in the world. :)

Loving: Crocs flats. Seriously. I found a pair for $10 at the start of the summer and bought them to wear in my garden. But, I fear I may never enjoy another brand of shoe again. I haven't stopped wearing them since I bought them at the beginning of June! Every day, I have worn them! I have bought a couple of other pairs too. Oops!
I'd  better show you a picture or three so you don't think I'm clogging around in Crocs.

My first pair I bought for $10. It was love at first step!
My second pair- 40% off in addition to a $5 off coupon at DSW!

I also needed to replace my black riding boots, so I totally bought the Crocs ones too! They are made of suede and Crocs material and were only $59 at Not bad for riding boots!
COMFY! And the toe won't wear down like my leather pair!
I love them all so much. They're cute and comfy- and I promise Crocs isn't paying me to say that! Ha!

Well, we all need more time to get ready, don't we?

I've got three shelves and two pictures sitting around the house collecting dust. WAKE UP, hubby!!
If only everyone were as motivated to do what I want as I am. Sigh. Wouldn't the world be lovely? Speaking of motivation, I was trying to avoid thinking about not having any marker boards or bulletin boards yet, so I whipped up these babies as a distraction:
We're not allowed to have curtains. Fire Marshal's orders. (Eye roll.)

Use foam board from the dollar store! :) Love D-Tree!

 Needing: I heard Wal Mart has $0.17 notebooks- I need to pick some of those up for my kids. Does anyone know where there are cheap plastic pronged folders??

B2S Must haves:
I showed you the shoes and my classroom is not very cute yet. So, I'll just leave you with a link to my favorite pens ever! I get crabby if I'm forced to write with anything else.
Aren't they beautiful?
Welp, that's what I'm currently up to! Happy Sunday!


  1. I love all of your ideas...especially the wrapping paper curtains! They turned out so stylish and keep the fire marshal happy. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love crocs! and you have super cute curtains!


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