Saturday, August 24, 2013

Late Work Management! I finally figured it out!!

I have been stewing and toiling trying to figure out how to manage late work- both communicating it and keeping track of the students who are missing work. Nothing gives me a bigger headache than managing late work. I want to make sure students (and parents!) always know what they're missing. I want to reward responsibility. And I want to do it all without thinking about it.
At all.

And I think I've FINALLY figured it out.

It's a combination of THREE great ideas from blogland:

1. The Homework Hotspot: I LOVE that this is student-run and is highly visible in the room. I love that the numbers keep it pretty anonymous. However I didn't use this because once the work is removed, students can't see what they're missing.
From Young Teacher Love

#2: Homework Club: I love that students get rewarded for responsibility, and that they get a chance each week to start over- but again, there is no visual reminder of the actual work they are missing (which my students and I NEED.)
From Fourth Grade Frolics (SUPER cute!)

And number 3: The Missing Work Log: I love that this teacher can keep a record of the kids' missing work and the students reflect on WHY they don't have their work done, but she collects these with the assignments and  I need my kids to be able to see what they're missing without my help.
From E, Myself, and I

I came up with a hybrid of all three!
Drumroll please.....


I don't have a cute name for it like those other creative ladies (I'll take suggestions!), but here's how it works:

  • There is one student, The Homework Checker, who walks around the room in the morning during bell work to see who has their finished work on their desks.  
  • She sends anyone who is not finished to get and fill out a Missing Work Log sheet. She also writes the assignment in the missing work side of the student's planner. Those students move their clip to the Catch up Crew side and clip the filled out log sheet to it.

  • When students finish their work, they show the Missing Work Checker (in the mornings ONLY.) The student turns their work in to the appropriate drawer (by subject) and the Missing Work Checker moves the yellow homework log sheet to the student's file- which is right by the station.

  • The Missing Work Checker moves all empty clips back to the Homework Club side each Monday, giving the Catch Up Crew another chance to be responsible!
  • Any students on Friday who are still in the Homework Club get to bring a snack (no bigger than my hand!) to eat during Read and Feed Friday. 
I am so excited to train my two students to take this job over for me. We have specials first thing in the morning, so the students don't miss out on anything while they're checking homework. 

1. The clips are from Dollar Tree and they come in 3-packs. I glued strong magnets to the back. You could glue laminated numbers on OR write the numbers on with Sharpie. My numbers are part of my Black On White set on TN.
2. These are the signs I used. You can download the editable signs for FREE at my TN store.

3. I Taped a bulletin board border to my chalkboard to divide the groups.
4. There are tons of missing work logs on Pinterest, but here's mine.

That's about it! I am SOOOO excited for this solution to the biggest problem in my classroom!

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