Monday, August 5, 2013

Made It Monday

Oh my goodness. I have so much to share with you for my Made It Monday!

Let's start with my Class Jobs chart! I'm going to have a class command center this year with all of the management information right by the door. I've decided to have a reminders dry erase, an events calendar, a birthday sign, and the class jobs list. I'm not sure if I'll add anything else or not- but I intend to reveal this management tool soon.
For now, I'll just show you my cute little chart:

I spraypainted a gross old cookie sheet from a thrift store thinking it would be magnetic (it wasn't) but I discovered that it's the perfect size for two 8x10s taped together! It pretty much just makes a cute frame for the poster. Sigh. If only it had been magnetic.
Click the picture for the FREE, editable file!

Anyway, I have been trying to figure out a way to use paint chips in my classroom- I'm thinking I'll use them for this- I'll write the students' names all on shades of green, my school color. I think it should be a nice management tool. I've never assigned jobs to everyone- they have kind of just randomly been assigned throughout the year. I think I will only switch them quarterly... or semester-ly unless there's a problem. I'm pretty excited!

Here are a few more Made-Its that I completed for my house. I snagged all of these cute pieces at a thrift store for 3.98 each and spraypainted them (I love spray paint so much I could marry it.) Check out the before-and-afters:
Lamp for my daughter's room.

Mail Organizer- I used {this} method to put the chevron and S on it.

Bathroom shelf. Swoon.
So there you have it! That is what I've been making for the past week! 
See you next Monday- and don't forget to link up at Fourth Grade Frolics to join the party!

Happy Monday!