Sunday, August 11, 2013

Stuff Students Say: Hair Tips & Teacher Week '13

Hello, all!
I'm excited to participate in Teacher Week '13- I don't know how many posts I'll complete, but I'm feeling motivated for the moment, so here goes post number one!
Ten Things About ME!
1. I'll start with my new haircut selfie:
I never change my hair, so this is a big deal. Ha!
 I just got BANGS! And went darker! I did this right BEFORE school starts because I don't want this to happen again:

Ha! If you're looking worse than usual, the kids sure will point it out, won't they?

2. I am a fifth year teacher in a Title I school in Nebraska (where we don't know what Common Core REALLY means yet!)  I am going to teach a combination class for the first time EVER this year. I'm excited and a little nervous- especially about organizing both fifth and sixth grade math curriculum into our 60 minute math block (Help! Please? Anyone?)

3. I have a master's degree in literacy. I love teaching kids to love reading.

4. My classroom burned down last year. It was pretty bad, but I got lots of help from my school community and my blogging community- so we were able to get most of our stuff back through donations. I am looking forward to ending the process of dealing with the fire.

5. I just got a whiteboard, Smart Board, and cork board put in my room on Tuesday!!! They said it wouldn't be until October, so I SCREAMED with delight when I walked in on Wednesday morning. I literally screamed! So, really the only remaining fire issue I have to deal with is hunting down a couple of furniture pieces to replace the ones that were beyond restoration! YAY! I can't WAIT to put this behind me!

6. I have a two year old daughter and a very handsome husband:
I love these cuties SO much
7. Last year, my school sent me to the Kagan Cooperative learning seminar at DISNEY WORLD! It was the best trip of my life- learning by day and Disney by night. My husband came with and golfed all day for five days straight. I learned SOOO many wonderful things at that training and love using them in my classroom! Ah. I want to do it again.

8. I love getting crafty around the house! This summer, I painted all of my upstairs trim white and all of the doors black. I joke that if anything ever happens to my husband, I'll just marry the black doors. That's how much I'm obsessed with them.
Don't they look so much classier?? LOVE!

9. We don't have cable, but we LOVE Netflix and Hulu. We have watched SO many series on Netflix, but some of my favorites are Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock (Tina Fey is my idol!) and Arrested Development. My husband and I love watching comedy shows, but we've also gotten into watching Dr. Who lately. We both love reading science fiction, so Dr. Who is definitely growing on us!

10. I love to blog because I enjoy helping others and it gives me a fun record of the amazing memories I've made in my classroom. My mom always told me that I should write down all of the funny things kids say in my classroom, so that's why I started adding the "Stuff Students Say" comic as part of my blogging format. It's fun!

So there you have it! That's ME!
Happy Monday!


  1. You sound just like me! With every new number, I'm thinking, "Me too!"

    Except for the classroom burning down... that never happened to me. I'm so sorry! I'm sure you are definitely ready to be done with that! I hope this year is better than ever for you!

    I also have a masters in literacy. I would really love to work in a reading intervention position!

    I'm your newest follower! I hope your year is absolutely fabulous!

    Sweet in Seventh

  2. I am loving your blog! The name definitely got me to click on your blog in the Teacher Week linky. I am loving the look of those black doors. CLASSY!! Also, your hair... Adorbs! If any of your students mentions anything bad about it.. I will hunt them down personally! Ha!

    Lil Bit Country In the Classroom

  3. I guess that nowadays studying is not so hard, as students gadgets are to help us! =)