Saturday, August 31, 2013


Last year, I had the flu and had to find a sub for five days in a row.
Each night, I had to make lesson plans that were easy enough for a sub to follow. It was WAY too stressful on top of being so sick! I always have anxiety about calling in a sub- I just want them to have an easy time.

Yippee! Peace of mind in a tub.
SO I finally took the time to make a SUB TUB!!! I felt SO relieved when I got my first day of lessons in there.
I bought the lessons from TPT- 
Click Here for three days of fifth grade plans.
Click Here for three days of fourth grade plans.
Each day of the lessons are all connected to a different popular picture book! 

Fifth Grade Lessons:
Fourth Grade Book/Lessons:

Below is a picture of my Jumanji lesson plan folder! SO organized!!

I still typed up the schedule for the day- so the sub understands the timing of everything. I glued this to the front and back of a hanging folder so it will be easily accessible throughout the day. 

I prepared the included supplies- then put them all into the folder! I popped the folder into the cute little tub and now I don't have to worry about planning for hours when I get sick! I can just phone the sub line and then focus on getting better! I SO recommend making one of these! Why didn't I do it sooner?!

Six different days of plans + books and all needed supplies! 
There you have it! I'm pretty excited! Do you have a sub tub? Are you in Sub Tub Love?

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