Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cardboard Carnival!

I just LOVE projects that promote creativity!

Last year, I saw this video on YouTube:

If you haven't seen it, you MUST watch it. It's SO inspirational.
...You might cry, though. I did. :)

After seeing the video, I decided that my students needed to participate in the worldwide Cardboard Arcade day. I showed the class the video, showed them a rubric, then gave them some brainstorming sheets to think of ideas.

Click here for the FREE files!
I used this project as a Science (You'd have to use the scientific method, right?), Writing, and Listening and Speaking grade.

The rules:
1.Your project can't cost more than $1.
2.Your project must be made without anyone's help.
This year, I'm adding:
3. You can't have your game be a ball toss for points (there were MANY repeats of this game last year.)

That's all I did. Their ideas completely blew me away.They did all of the work at home (except for the writing.)

 Here are a few highlights from our Cardboard Carnival:
A basic ball toss game with a Halloween twist!

Ping Pong!!

Paper football kicking

A Ball Maze

A Full-Sized Basketball Shooting Game
 And, maybe the most impressive game of all:

A PINBALL machine! SO cool!

If you are considering having your class do this project, DO IT! It's so much fun! It was hands-down, my favorite thing we did last year. I really need to find more projects that build on the creativity of students. They make my heart happy. :)

If you have any great creativity-boosting projects, I'd LOVE to hear about them! Leave a link! Thanks!

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