Saturday, September 14, 2013

Five for Friday: Organization!

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I just wanted to share a few organization and management tips, starting with this beauty:
It's my white board eraser and it's amazing! I hot glued a magnet to the back of this Dollar Tree car wash glove and now I have an eraser that works great and is always there when I need it!

Number two is a tip for small supplies storage:
I always buy the car packs of gum- both for my car and for my classroom. They make awesome flip-top storage containers for paper clips, thumb tacks, binder clips and whatever else you can think of! The tall ones can even hold a pack of crayons!

Number three is my new solution for Team Tubs and desks in my Cooperative Learning classroom:

I had to think for SOOOOOOOOOO long about how to make these Team Tubs happen! And they're so simple! I seriously thought attaching a team tub to the desks was an unsolvable problem (The velcro idea from last year was constantly peeling off.) I thought for hours and hours, until I finally just got up close and personal with the desks to see what I could do.

You can't see this in the picture,  but I recently discovered that our desks have really tiny holes on both sides of the legs. After seeing this, I sped to Wal Mart and bought seven $2 baskets- one for each team and just used black zip ties to attach them to the sides of desks. We have had no problems at all with them and they are pretty much just AMAZING! Make sure you get baskets made of a nice, thick plastic- because these will get bumped. The ones I got from Wal Mart are plenty sturdy.

Number four is an invention by my amazing para, Miss B. I have been lucky to have her by my side for the past three years and can't imagine what I'll do when she leaves me! Anyway, she's always full of brilliant ideas. I told her about how the StoryTown book frustrated me while planning because I had to flip through SO many pages to find what I wanted. And do you know what she came up with? The best idea ever:

 She used clear packing tape and folded it over printed-out labels to make her own organization tabs. I LOVE THEM! We have used her idea all over the classroom:
 Like in my SUB TUB
And in my student file basket.

And basically all over. I intend to use these in my lesson plan book too, so I can have tabs for long range plans, normal plans, and student data. I just LOVE this idea! Miss B is the BEST!

Number five is a memory brought back by my Homework Club (which is working great, by the way.) Any students who are still in the club at the end of the week get to have Read and Feed on Fridays. I haven't had my kids bring snacks for a weekly Read and Feed since I started teaching.

Bringing back Read and Feed reminded me of a funny quote from my first year of teaching:
I thought this was hilarious- So the next day, I brought a burrito for myself for read and feed. I loudly microwaved it while the kids were reading, and after it had finished cooking and had completely stunk up the room, I took it out and sat next to the girl who had asked to bring it. I opened my book and began reading while eating my burrito like this was completely normal. The class thought it was super funny when the girl FINALLY noticed me and blurted out, "HEY!!! YOU get to have a burrito?! That's not fair!"

Lol- kids just crack me up sometimes.

Well, that's my Five for Friday!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Hi! I discovered your blog through Five for Friday! Your white board eraser is wonderful! I will have to try that ASAP. Also, what students say cracked me up. Hilarious! Loving your blog!

    Tidbits From Ms. Pitts