Saturday, October 12, 2013

Stuff Students Say + Guided Reading Organization

I wore a new shirt this week and the above student told me I dress like Kim Kardashian!! It's totally not true, but I thanked her anyway- ha!

I was struggling with keeping my guided reading books and papers organized this week- so I did some problem solving and remembered that one of my storage towers in my room was made to hold hanging files. I did some reorganizing and am really excited about my new arrangement:

I got the organizer at Target for around $15. It fits right underneath my kidney table next to my chair!
The bottom drawer has a ridge for hanging file folders- I made a folder for each group that says their Guided Reading Level right on the label. Two different sets of books at that level fit in their folders. It also keeps any papers they use for the lessons neat and together- if they need to use them the next day.

 Handy dandy, right? I'm pretty happy about this one!

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