Saturday, November 2, 2013

Five for Friday: Post-Halloweek

I'm linking up again with Doodle Bug's Teaching for her Five for Friday Linky! I was sick for half of the school week, though, so pardon my post- it's a little mom-centric.

You know you're a teacher when... can't help but graph your kid's Halloween candy. I tried to show my two year old how to use the graph to interpret data...but she didn't get it for some reason... LOL

Speaking of my Daughter's Halloween, Here's our official family picture that we took at the Henry Doorly Zoo's Spooktacular Party. We had SO much fun! We were our pets for Halloween and BabyGirl thought it was hilarious. 

There is no other job on Earth where, after being sick for two days, the people you work with jump and squeal for glee when you return. My class is seriously SO sweet. They were so excited I was back. One student even said, "I missed you SO much even though we didn't have homework while you were gone."  Now THAT'S a compliment! One little cutie even brought me this quadruple chocolate cupcake to celebrate my return. Read the message. Can I get an, "awwwwww!"? :)

So like I said, I was sick for half of the week, and when I came back on Wednesday, I had lost my voice. The kids were so quiet and caring and they would shoot nasty looks at anyone who began talking while I was giving directions. 
On Thursday, one of my kids came up to me in the morning and said, "are you still sick?" I rasped, "yes." And he said, "well I'm SO glad you still came to celebrate Halloween with us." See? I told you they're just too sweet this year! That comment made teaching all day with no voice COMPLETELY worth it. I still made every effort to make my class' Halloween party a good time. I used my party plan and had helpers explain the directions on my behalf and the kids had a lot of fun. I loved watching them play charades. They're so funny. In each group, there was a little future-teacher enforcing the rule that the other kids had to raise their hands to guess. :)

As the mom of a toddler, I am passionate about early literacy. So today when we were at the public library, and I saw these little gems, I could barely contain my excitement!

They're MAGAZINES for TODDLERS!! My daughter and I preferred the National Geographic one- it had puzzles along with nonfiction articles. I LOVE that Nat Geo lets you introduce science topics to your tot! SO cool! While we were reading about the sun, I read, "The sun is a star." and my daughter, in her most awe-filled voice goes: "The SUN is a STAR?? WOW!!"

Babybug was pretty cute, too- with its seasonal poems and stories. These will definitely be on my gifting list for Christmas. 

And that's my Five for Friday!
Have a great week!

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