Saturday, November 9, 2013

Stuff Students Say: Mystery Prize + Some Freebies!


It's time for another Five for Friday! Will I ever actually publish one of these on Friday? Doubtfully.
Here are the top five things that happened this week in my classroom!

1. I am proud to say that I actually shocked a student with my wisdom this week! It was so funny! I give out mystery prizes for different reasons in my classroom- and this student came up to me to ask for one. Check out my Confucian moment for the week:

2. All year long, students have been forgetting to clean up their computer stations before leaving them in my classroom. So I decided to make a rubric-style desktop background to help us all out!
If you want to use it, you can download the PPT file HERE.

You can change the YES and NO pictures to images of your actual computer station by doing the following:
1. Double click on the image you want to change. Then select "Fill" in the format shape box.
2. Click, "Choose a Picture" and then select the picture you'd like to change it to! That's it!

When you want to save it so you can make it into a background image, go to File and click, "Save as Pictures." Then use the picture to change your desktop backgrounds like normal!

3. I am on the Family Math Night Committee at my school. My principal 
wanted me to be in charge of an UNRAAVEL station at math night- which I wasn't sure how to do. I decided to make an UNRAAVEL graphic organizer and to find different word problem skills for each grade. I also plan to play the UNRAAVEL songs by Larry Bell all night (I won't actually be in the room, so I don't have to worry about going crazy. lol!) If you use UNRAAVEL at your school and would like to try my graphic organizer, click HERE for the PDF!

4. On Wednesday morning, my mom posted a link to a news story on my Facebook timeline. I was shocked and could not even believe ANOTHER portable classroom in MY DISTRICT had caught fire. For the same. exact. reason. All day long, I was having flashbacks to the morning I returned to school after my room burned down.

  • Getting a horrible phone call and learning that all of my hard work was ruined. 
  • Walking into what was once my beautiful classroom that was filled with love and learning and seeing it dark and dripping wet and torn up. 
  • Seeing the sympathy in everyone's eyes when they saw me walk in the building.
  • Announcing to my class that all of our belongings were destroyed and feeling helpless as many of them began to cry.
And my heart was heavy for this teacher. And it was angry that this happened again. I really, REALLY hope that they send an inspector to check EVERY SINGLE heater in the district. 

Then, I was thinking about all the hard work that this poor teacher has ahead of him and it made me feel so tired and sad. I called his school right away to find out what the damage was like- and he, too lost everything. I will be helping him set up some Donors Choose projects to rebuild his classroom. I'll keep you posted on his projects within the next couple of weeks. 

5. Finally, on a MUCH happier note, I am excited to announce that my Donors Choose project was FULLY FUNDED this week!!! I wrote this project last week and Amazon emailed me yesterday to say that my chairs will be delivered by MONDAY!!! How's THAT for fast turnaround!? My students punched their fists in the air and shouted with glee when I told them our project was funded Friday afternoon. They are all SO excited to have some new, comfy chairs. Thanks again to everyone who helped make this happen for my kiddos! They are SO appreciative of everyone's generosity!

Happy Saturday!

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