Saturday, November 16, 2013

Stuff Students Say + New Small Group Chairs


It's time for another Five for Friday and for my first Spark Student Motivation Saturday!
Here are the top five things that happened this week in my classroom!

1. We'll start with this little gem:
This kid definitely dealt with his first zit better than I did. Mine was HUGE and it was right on my nose and I found it the morning of my twelfth birthday party. It was so embarrassing that I CRIED. This kid REJOICED!! It was so funny!

2. During my plan time on Monday morning, the UPS guy marched up the ramp to my classroom with a HUGE box! HE HAD MY CHAIRS!! I was so excited to see him, I almost hugged him! I ripped open the box right away and popped all of my chairs together and LOOK:

We got these chairs from a Donors Choose project I am just in LOVE with them. My kids love them too! The kids kind of naturally wiggle while they're working in these chairs- and they're obviously more comfortable than the buckets! You should have heard my kids scream when they came back from specials- it was like early Christmas! :) I highly recommend these Kids Kore Wobble Chairs from Amazon!

3. I am very particular when it comes to the pens I use in class. I just hate writing with anything but these beautiful Paper Mate flair tip pens. This week I went to buy some new ones and was looking at the price differences between a six pack of markers ($4.97) and a twelve pack (12.88.) We are talking about ratios and unit rates for sixth grade math- what a perfect opportunity to show how important ratios are in real life! If I had just assumed the bigger pack was cheaper, I would have been so wrong! MATH helped save me nearly $3 on my perfect pens- and not just any math, the exact math we were discussing in my class this week. The universe certainly aligned for me on this one, huh? I can't wait to bring this example in to class next week!

4. We finally had the Cardboard Carnival this week! We hosted it during Family Math Night and it was a HUGE success- there were around 300 people who came to the gym to play the students' games. I'm considering turning it into a fundraiser for our sixth grade field trip next year. Here are some of my favorite creations the kids made:
This was a maze game- you had to roll the bead from the start to the finish line! Super neat!

This was a mix of Minecraft and Angry Birds- it was super fun to shoot the zombie heads at the blocks.

 This was my favorite game of the night! It was a fortune teller game- you had to ask a yes or no question, put a cardboard token in, then pull out your answer. It really worked, too! I asked it if I was the best teacher ever and it said, " Oh, YEAH!" hahaha!

5. I saved this game for last because it has a super sweet story with it.

This girl built a very impressive, working claw machine- the hook picked up those little loop-stick suckers. It was one of the most popular games of the night. However, it was made of cardboard, and there were hundreds of people at the carnival, so the game ended up breaking. Actually, it got pretty ruined.
The next morning, the principal got a call from the girl's dad.
He said he was calling about a certain student in my class. A kid who struggles with kindness and friendship.

The principal braced herself for some bad news.

The parent said that when his daughter found out her game was ruined, she was heartbroken and crying.
The other student came up to her and said he was sorry that everyone broke her game. He asked her if she had even gotten any candy from it. When she said she hadn't, he told her she was in luck- because he had played the game twice and he happened to have two suckers and he gave her one.
Later, when the dad came by to thank him, he said, "You don't have to thank me! That's what friends do for one another!"

When the principal told me this news, we both had tears in our eyes. She called the boy's grandma to tell her the story, and she just cried and cried. It was such a special and heartwarming moment and I am so thankful that that parent chose to call the school to tell us. It made many people very happy.

Anyway, that was our week in a nutshell! See you next week!
Happy Saturday!


  1. That Cardboard Carnival is absolutely awesome. Did you come up with that? It reminds me of the boy who created Cain's Arcade. I would love to know all the details about this--very cool and thank you for sharing.

    also--those chairs are pretty sweet.

    Digital: Divide & Conquer

    1. Yes! I did get the idea from Caine's Arcade. We started this last year at my school and the number of people that came this year was almost double that of last year. I think the word spread about how awesome the carnival was! Here's a link to a post with some more information about the Cardboard Carnival: . I use the project for several grades, (science, writing, speaking and listening) so I even have a rubric that goes with the project! It's super fun! If you do it, I'd like to see your post about it! Have a good weekend!

  2. There is so much packed into this post! Pinned for the inspiring story, the fundraising idea, the chairs, and the fact that the chairs led me to an adult version for my husband with back problems. :) PS- how did you manage to get so many???

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Rachael! I wrote a Donors Choose project to get the chairs. If you haven't tried to do a project on Donors Choose yet, you should really check it out! They are a wonderful charity for helping teachers! Here's more information about my project:
      Have a good weekend!

  3. Cardboard Carnival is awesome! I've never seen this before, but it's obviously a hit! I love the story you shared about your student-so heartwarming! Thanks for linking up! Hope to see you again this Saturday!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching