Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Stuff Students Say: Pink Eye and a GIVEAWAY!

I totally filled my teaching quota for the day within this thirty second time frame. I taught this young man two valuable life lessons:
1. Pink Eye is, in fact, a condition of the eye.
2. The Three Stooges is a comedy show, not a medical documentary. :)

I love when kids can laugh at themselves about cute things like that!

Also, this is just a reminder that my $20 Target giveaway ends on Saturday along with my Donors Choose match code: "INSPIRE!" Visit my Donors Choose project page to donate any amount you want (Even $1!) and type, "INSPIRE" to get it matched, then come back to enter my giveaway! My class will be SUPER grateful if this project gets funded (only $85 to go- with the match code!)- and you might even come out ahead if you win the gift card!
It ends on MIDNIGHT Saturday!

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Have a happy Wednesday!
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