Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas, Cubbies, and Crafts!

Ohhh, I am SO enjoying winter break! I can't help but blog about the fun I've been having even though it's not teacher-related. Get ready for some cuteness and craftiness!! Here are five fun tidbits from my time off so far: 

1. My daughter is two years old- so this Christmas has been the most fun yet! She was so excited for Santa to come this year and was really looking forward to making other people feel special with her hand-drawn rocket ships as well:

 We had an awesome time and she was excited to get a city rug and some cars from Santa Claus this year. Look at that happy girl. :) Sigh. Christmas is so much better when you're a parent. Here is the cuteness, as promised:

2. In anticipation of the toy overload that would happen this week, I was browsing Pinterest to find some toy storage solutions. I found this nice little cubby on Amazon:
These cubbies are $60 each and I wanted two of them, so I went to Craigslist to try to find them for cheaper. I found this pair of cubbies for $25!!
 I was excited about the great deal, but NOT excited about the colors. I slapped three cans worth of spray paint on them, however and now they look just as pretty as the ones on Amazon! 
Look how cute and organized her closet is now! I also put $3 worth of Dollar Tree contact paper up on the walls to make it look fancy in there. It's super cute in person!

3. I'm so glad Christmas is over so I can get back in my crafting groove again.
I had a wall in the kitchen that I wasn't super fond of- so I scoured the house for any unused frames and this is what I found:

My kitchen currently is all brown- so I had to do something about the overall brownness of these frames. I'm so addicted to spraypainting that my husband bought me this mask so I won't get brain damage from all of the fumes I'm exposed to. How sweet.

I spray painted them all mint green and did some different DIY proejects in each one and I LOVE how they turned out! Read on to find out more details about the specific projects!

4. I bought the letters for the penny sign for $2.50 each at Hobby Lobby. I used the tutorial that The Crafted Sparrow had up on her blog. I loved the idea she had, so I was super excited to copy it. I washed the pennies and warmed up my glue gun, however I ran into one problem, as I began to glue pennies on. I couldn't find enough shiny, pretty pennies to use. I tried scrubbing each penny with a toothbrush- but that took FOREVER and they didn't get much cleaner. I even went to the bank to try to ask for new pennies- but evidently you can't stroll in to the bank like King Tut and walk out with shiny new pennies on any given day. They only have them sometimes
But don't worry! I figured it out! You can clean the pennies off with a Magic Eraser! AND you can do it after they're already glued down so you don't have to wipe them off one at a time! I was so happy when I figured this out and the project went WAY faster when I did.
And I love my new wall art! Thanks again, Rebecca for the awesome idea!

5. The fork and spoon art came from a couple of different Pinspirations- but I was mainly inspired by Shara over at Little Gray Table. She made a piece of art for a wedding gift that I thought was super cute- but I had a bigger frame to fill so I wanted to do this on a larger scale.
I used an old piece of art that I was starting to hate:
Bleh. It's just TOO brown.
 It didn't have glass over the print. It was just a smooth surface, so I just pressed on some contact paper from Dollar Tree onto the picture. The paper was about an inch too short, so I hot glued a ribbon on the bottom and painted the rest of the uncovered part with black acrylic paint. I did the same to the top of the picture to make it symmetrical. Then, I just glued on some silver forks and spoons from Dollar Tree ($2 for two packs!) and hung it back up on the wall! I love it 100 times more than that old brown tree picture, but I think the forks and spoons might be a little too shiny... I may have to switch them out.

Here's another picture that shows the scale a little better:
I hope you all are enjoying your winter breaks as much as I am! 

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