Saturday, February 8, 2014

Cootie Catchers, Math Posters, and More!

I'm linking up late to Five for Friday and Freebie Friday- Here are my five faves from this week:

1. Cootie Catchers Website: Did you know you can get a free, editable template here? You can make cootie catchers for any kind of topic- however it was suggested to me to use them for vocabulary! Brilliant! How motivating will this be for the kids?!
I whipped one up to review text structures and main idea before the district reading test next week. My kids are going to love this! Click {here} to get a free copy!

2. We had our first SNOW DAY on Wednesday! My daughter's reaction to the snow was to bend down and lick it. :)

3. I blogged this week about tips for quick lesson planning for my mentee at work. If you want some ideas for planning faster, and a leson planning freebie click the pic!

4. Here are some checklists for students to evaluate themselves for cooperative learning teamwork and for their Read to Someone behaviors. These checklists really gave me an honest idea of how kids are working in their teams. If you want a copy, pick up the freebie here:

5. The snow day this week finally gave me some time to catch up on a couple of things I have been wanting to make for my classroom. I've been meaning to make some math operations signs for a while now. I'm glad I cranked these out before testing season! Check them out below:

An operations key words sign to help kids with problem solving:


an order of operations poster

If you'd like to pick up the set, click the image below!

You can link up to the parties too! Click the pics below to check out some other great posts!



  1. Love the picture of your daughter in the snow. Ours barely covered the ground so we didn't get to have any fun with it :( So glad she got to have fun and experience it!
    Monahan Monkey Madness

  2. The picture of your daughter and the snow made me giggle. Thanks for the tip about cootie catchers. My students love those!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings