Saturday, February 15, 2014

Great Science Fiction Reads, Fact vs. Opinion Anchor Chart, and Testing Poster 5-4-Fri!

It's time for another Five for Friday! Here are five highlights of my week:

1. This week, I posted a new Donors Choose project to try to get some color-coded book baskets for my classroom library. Right now all my books are color coded by their reading level, but we would love if the baskets matched the labels- anything to make the library even more accessible to students! For this week only, my project is half off! (Only $114!) Donors Choose will match all donations if you type "INSPIRE" in the promo code box at checkout! My project page is here if you feel compelled to help us out. ;)

 If you haven't made a Donors Choose project yet, it is a PHENOMENAL way to get resources you need in your classroom. In addition to the match code promotion, Laura Candler over at Corkboard Connections also promotes projects to get them funded. Right now she has a $50 Donors Choose gift card giveaway- but you have to donate to one of her promoted projects to enter. Click the picture to check it out! 

2. We just started our second Science Fiction unit in my class- it's one of my favorite units to teach because science fiction is my favorite genre to read! I've read all of the books below except for Gathering Blue, but my students tell me that that one is awesome too! If you want engaged readers, I recommend these for sure! (Maybe minus the Giver- that one takes awhile to get interesting.)

The kids read a new book every two weeks, but every week, they do a book discussion assignment. This time, we are using my social media book club assignment (they were way fired up about this.) With this little booklet, they get to make a Facebook profile for a book character, sequence the events in the story with tweets, tell important parts of the story with Instagram pictures and captions, and define and illustrate tough words with Pinterest-style "pins."

3. This week, we were asked to make something for the NeSA testing bulletin board by the office at our school. Something was a wide target for me, so after a lot of worrying (I worry sometimes) I finally came up with this poster:
The kids thought of testing tips, then posed for pictures. I Instagrammed them, then typed the tips over the pictures on Powerpoint. It took way too long to make, but the kids love to look at it and hopefully it will help them remember their test-taking tips! I printed out a second copy for my classroom as well. I will definitely not be doing this again next year. haha

4. For some reason, one of the skills my sixth graders struggled with on our last district test was Fact vs. Opinion. We reviewed it before the test this week by making an anchor chart together (don't you love my anchor chart paper? It was $12 for maybe 50 sheets at a local teaching store!)

Next, we practiced with the News Debate articles in their Weekly Readers. They had to work with a partner to find one fact and one opinion from the articles and then stick their sentences to the anchor chart. We were trying to internalize the thought process of asking ourselves, "can this be proven?" or "do people disagree about this?" It helped! Only three kids missed the fact/opinion question on the test this week.

5. Friday was Valentine's Day, and a half day of school, so we basically partied all day. Check out this pile of stuff the kids brought in. (The flowers are from my very handsome husband.)

 We played some super-fun Minute to Win It games that I found here. The kids had a great time, but I am glad that it is over!

Head on over to Doodle Bug's blog to link up to the party and to check out more awesome posts. Have a great weekend!


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  1. Hi Kayla!

    Just found your blog through the link-up. :) Most of my experience is in the primary grades, so it's fun to hear what you are doing with the older kids! Though your poster may have taken a long time, it sure looks great!! Also, great collection of science fiction books. I read "The Giver" as a student and you're right, it does take a while to get hooked. It's one of those books, though, that I will remember for a long time!

    Thanks for the peek inside of your week! Now, go enjoy some of that chocolate!! :)
    Little Miss Primary